100 x 100

On Sat 29th December normal squad had a week off and instead, for a second year, we held the great 100 x 100m challenge at FLC. There were 11 solos, 13 pairs and 2 teams of four and all completed this classic set. The fastest finishers of all were the Swim Smooth squad team of Ty, Ben, James & Ross in a superfast 2hrs 29min (1:29/100m!); fastest solos were the mighty Dale Barker in an amazing (2hrs 40min) and Gemma 2hrs 46min; then quickest pair was Charlton from the squad and his pal Jez (2hrs 43min). Oldest finisher, was my brother Sean Bennett, an excellent 3hrs 40 at 60 years of age and youngest, Charlie Smith, aged 16. There was also 11 year-old Theo, swimming brilliantly with his squad mum Sarah. It was an epic morning’s swimming, with music and great spirit, with lots of swimmers from outside the squad taking advantage of the opportunity to complete this most serious, simple and satisfying pool-swimming challenge. See you same Saturday next year!

Seamus Bennett