Back with great feedback!

well sorry I’ve been away from the blog for a while - back now for a quick, telling quote to get back up and running. Had a brilliant video analysis session with visiting Manjeet this week: a strong self-taught swimmer, absolutely loves swimming, especially open water. He has studied some promo videos of top (Smooth) swimmers performing in cruising ‘demo’ mode - this has led Manjeet to develop a distinct pause and overglide in his stroke, which we addressed, along with a very straight arm pull through (pic) and overly single-sided breathing. Here’s Manjeet’s feedback, received two days after the session:

“Just watched the video analysis recording back again for the THIRD time! - pure gold, thank you”

I could actually tell he was already swimming faster, as last night we swam a strong 2.6km together in the sea - by that I mean I couldn’t really shake him off! I guess he’s already started to ‘bend it like Becky’!!! (see picture comparison:)))

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 09.24.59.png
Seamus Bennett