Who we are - Swim Smooth Suffolk 

When joining Swim Smooth Suffolk for squad training or video analysis you will immediately benefit from the skills, passion and swimming knowledge of Swim Smooth - the world's leading provider of freestyle swim coaching. 

Seamus began his journey to becoming a Swim Smooth certified coach in 2010 when he realised, as a swimmer, what a clear and super-effective system it was. In 2012 he completed Swim Smooth's 3-day Coaches Education course and 4 years later, after an amazing 3-week training visit to Swim Smooth Perth, he gained his certification in August 2016. 

Seamus Bennett is a true lover of all types of swimming (and all swim types;) from Masters' galas to the English Channel, from wetsuited triathlon swims to completing a full Ice Mile (skins of course!) Seamus' infectious enthusiasm and outgoing, inclusive approach makes him the kind of coach who really makes a difference to so many people's swimming. Founder of Felixstowe Swimscapes Open Water swimming (571 members and counting) Seamus has loved open water since early childhood when he learnt to swim in the North Sea at Felixstowe, and he's been at it ever since! Seamus offers these highly effective services from his Felixstowe coastal base:

  • Swim Smooth’s acclaimed 1-2-1 video analysis and stroke correction
  • Swim Smooth pool Squad (Saturdays 0740-0850)
  • Freestyle clinics for small groups
  • Open water coaching
  • Learn-to-swim freestyle



The Swim Smooth 'Swim Types'

Swim Types - innovative, memorable and a real game changer - using Swim Smooth's vast knowledge and swim data resources, Swim Types provides a framework with which we better understand you as a swimmer, your stroke and your training needs. Watch the video to understand what Swim Types is all about - enjoy!


As you can see, swimmers, especially open water swimmers, come in all ages, shapes and sizes and have many different swimming backgrounds and goals. From the elegant Smooth, to the energetic Swinger, studious Overglider, flexible Kicktastic, athletic (and competitive!) Arnie and bashful Bambino, Swim Types allows us to understand each swimmer personally and holistically and to offer the most effective path for you to become the best swimmer you can be.


From left to right on Felixstowe beach: Swinger, Arnie, Smooth, Kicktastic, Smooth-Arnie, tbc :), Bambino, Swinger/Smooth hybrid, Swinger, breaststroker, Bambino, Smooth-Kicktastic. It takes all sorts, so Swim Smooth doesn't do 'one size fits all'...we prefer to teach the swimmer, not the stroke. If this rings true for you, or you'd like to know more - please get in touch!