Long live the long lido

Earlier this week I drove just over an hour to my sister's house in Cambridge, unfolded the old Brompton and peddled the last mile to my beloved lido, Jesus Green, for a long, fresh swim. This 100 yard (91m) Victorian lido, right by the River Cam, has just reopened for the summer, and - having in 2001 been its "most enthusiastic newcomer"! - I try and visit as often as possible. Quite a trek for a swim you might say, but a special one and always absolutely worth it!

The water was that sunshine-induced diamond-like blue, the huge surrounding trees swayed audibly, protecting the pool from most of the cool breeze. Down at water level it was simple - plunge into 16C and swim long. My also-beloved HUUB Kickpants were on (even full wetsuits are OK at JG), giving a nice little leg lift, but keeping that sweet feeling of water contact.

And to help things fall further into place, I'd just started a 10k training plan from the Swim Smooth Guru: and today's set was a continuous 4k open water swim. I figured 11 x 400yds with about 30sec drink rest would do that job nicely. Then there was a simple crunchy lunch in my sister's flowering May garden. 

The clarity and precision of a pool, with the natural surroundings and unheated charge of open water - for me, Jesus Green is the best of both swimming worlds.

Jesus Green Cambridge May18
Seamus Bennett