Easter teamwork!

By popular demand the squad opted to forego an Easter weekend lie-in, preferring instead a tough mixed team session, of drafting, drills (chosen by each group), max no. of 100's in 30mins (see pic), with a nail-biting sculling relay to finish.

The "100's in 30mins" were counted by each lane having a clicker, which each swimmer pressed at the end of each 100 they completed, thus ensuring they took at least a few seconds rest. Incredibly, of the six lanes competing against each other in pairs of lanes, 2 of the 3 'races' ended up as dead heats - Lanes 5 & 6 each completed 121x100, Lanes 3 & 4, 90x100 - well I know I took great care in balancing out the teams, but didn't realise it would come out as accurate as that!

But that's one of the coolest things about Swim Smooth...yes, we love to embrace technology (including the humble click counter;))) but most of all, we really know our swimmers...perhaps better than they know themselves!

Seamus Bennett