Spring feedback!

Spring is here at last, water's warming up, and to add to the good mood, have had some great feedback recently, which I thought I'd share. Particularly pleased to hear that squad organisation is a winner, as that's an essential part of squad coaching and something that I really (have to!) work hard at.

Faye (pictured, with her Lane 1 mates), recently joined the Saturday squad: "Thanks for Saturday. Really enjoyed that. Just the motivation I need! I love how organised the sessions are."

Emily, from Diss, squad member Jan-Dec 2017 (on Facebook): "I have to say that Seamus at Swim Smooth Suffolk is just brilliant at what he does. He helped me no end with my freestyle technique and without it, I'd never have made the Ironman swim of my triathlon last year. Cannot recommend this guy enough."

Laura, squad member since spring 2017: "thanks for a great set on Saturday - loved it!" And that was a tough Red Mist set:)

The squad is booming, video analysis sessions booking a month in advance and a new clinic coming up at FLC on 13th May.  

What's behind all this good news? I think finding the right balance between organisation, fun and progress...in skills, fitness and confidence. And of course the great attitude - towards each other and the sessions themselves - of the squad, who are all an absolute pleasure to coach. Long may it continue! #swimsmooth!

Seamus Bennett