Video analysis brings 20 sec/100m improvement within a week!

Just received some real 'wow!' feedback from Jo, a Suffolk running coach. Following Jo's recent video analysis with me, her swim time per 100m has dropped by a massive 20 seconds per 100m - just a week after the session! Jo is a relatively rare swim type - a female Arnie, or 'Arnette' - and, true-to-type, the key issue holding her back was a low body position with sinky legs, as well as a tendency to 'over-rev', with a starting stroke rate of 75spm, which (we) dropped during the session to around 65spm, as she gained greater control and feel for the water. Ballet leg-kick and torpedo kicking helped raise her awareness and improve her technique with regards to core engagement, posture and kicking from the hip rather than the knee. She also took brilliantly to side-kicking and sculling and 40 minutes later her stroke was smoother, more streamlined and faster, despite her stroke rate naturally slowing down somewhat; her legs were up, breaking the surface - 'I can feel air on my feet for the first time!' she reported back:) This was a VA session that really clicked and I'm confident is going to help make Jo a really formidable triathlete in events, like the Outlaw, she has planned this year. 

aim for that high body position with straight and relaxed legs.png
Seamus Bennett