Make your breakthrough! Limited period VIDEO ANALYSIS offer!

Really memorable 1-to-1 video analysis yesterday with Chris from Ipswich. Chris had to stop for breath during the 2nd filmed length and won't mind me saying he had a full-on, energy-sapping, leg-sinking 'jitter kick'! But the analysis gave him the insight and tools to start fixing his stroke flaws - we focussed on his exhalation, kick technique, posture and pull-through. Such was his rapid progress and determination to improve that I fully expect Chris to look back at this struggling footage in months to come and be amazed that he once swam like that - his aim of a half Ironman next year is now within reach! 
Whatever your level, if you’d like to understand YOUR freestyle stroke issues (we all have some) in time to work on them during the winter pool months, #SwimSmooth Suffolk has a limited offer of 20% OFF #videoanalysis sessions during October 2018 at Felixstowe Leisure Centre. Just email to grab a spot and make your move to faster, free-er freestyle swimming!

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Seamus Bennett