Video analysis key to Eileen excelling in iconic open water swim.

Below is a recent video analysis review by Swim Smooth Suffolk squad member and Felixstowe Swimscapes sea-swimming stalwart, Eileen Murphy, who is deaf. In September 2017 Eileen swam the 11 mile length of Lake Windermere at a water temp of 13-14C (no neoprene) in an amazingly strong time of 6 hrs 30 mins (she admitted to me that she had been expecting about 8 hours - though I was confident she'd be faster than that). Eileen's June 2017 video analysis really transformed her stroke into a faster, punchier and more efficient stroke. Eileen had a tendency to overglide, which was causing serious deceleration and a subsequent scissoring 'kickstart' - our work on sculling, doggy paddle and waterpolo drills, as well as her stroke rate and kicking technique, really made the difference. She was able to marry this new, faster, smoother stroke technique with her existing grit, determination and outstanding stamina to exceed her own expectations and  - to coin a phrase - 'smash' the mighty Lake Windermere!

"During squad sessions you could see that there was something wrong with my freestyle stroke and kick rhythm and timing.

You advised me to try a video analysis that could help me recognise my habits of a (scissor) kick start and a possible crossover in my strokes. Video analysis benefits deaf and hard of hearing swimmers like myself as it is visual and helps us to understand what needs to be done to aid our swimming better. When I arrived home after the VA I watched through the video with a hearing person who interpreted the video voiceover and conversation for me. You showed me demonstrations from yourself and other (!!!) elite swimmers' styles. Before the video analysis, my stroke average per minute was 48-50. It is now 56-62 per minutes and I am swimming faster. I am so pleased with that. Overall I really recommend the VA with Seamus. Eileen"

[Eileen celebrates after her successful solo swim the full length of Lake Windermere]