Swim Smooth Suffolk now has THREE squad sessions each week, on Saturday and Monday mornings, plus Tuesday evenings, all at Felixstowe Leisure Centre's 6-lane deck-level pool.

Saturday squad is a dynamic, 70-minute whole-pool session carefully created for the group with a perfect balance of freestyle techniqueopen water skills, and some serious 'fresh & fruity' and endurance fitness work to start your weekend with a boom! It's all delivered with a bit of 'lively humour' (as one member recently described) as well as individual feedback and constant motivation from your lane-mates and coach! 

The atmosphere is supportive, fun and friendly, with new swim buddies made and time flying past. We use the whole pool in innovative ways to maximise use of space and always keep things interesting - there’s time to find your rhythm but as in open water, you should also expect the unexpected! As you'd expect with Swim Smooth, the overall training structure involves periodic Critical Swim Speed (CSS) time trials to gauge progress and ensure everyone is training at the correct individual intensity i.e. challenging, but (just about!) manageable - to make the greatest fitness gains as effectively as possible. We use the Finis tempo trainer pro ('beeper') to guide most main sets and help develop pacing skills.

The Tuesday 9-10pm and Monday 0600-0700 squads have a similar balance of technique, open water skills and fitness, but with smaller groups in 3 lanes, Seamus is able to give even more personal feedback and guidance. All squad sessions require the ability to swim 400m continuous freestyle at a minimum speed of 2:20/100m. All are super-popular and enjoyable ways to improve your swimming speed, efficiency and confidence - TO JOIN A SQUAD please get in touch with Seamus in advance to get involved!


Training - Saturday mornings 

Not 60, but 70 packed minutes of pukka Swim Smooth squad training in all 6 lanes of FLC's bright 25m, deck-level pool. Consistent and varied work on freestyle technique, swim fitness & openwater skills in a friendly, informal setting with your very own innovative and empathetic coach! Fins, paddles, pull buoy and tempo trainers are used in most sessions - Seamus can advise on the most appropriate equipment for you.

Time: Saturdays 0740-0850 (set run-through at 0730)

Price: First session £5. Then £8-£11 per session depending on number purchased in advance. £15 drop-in option usually available.

Location: Felixstowe Leisure Centre (see map) 

Training - Tuesday evenings + Monday mornings

An hour of quality, small group, Swim Smooth coaching in 3 lanes of Felixstowe's 25m deck-level pool. An ideal balance of Swim Smooth's '3 keys' to better freestyle: fitness (CSS threshold development and speed work) open water skills and freestyle technique tailored to your needs. The smaller group allows Seamus to give extra individual feedback and guidance for members of Swim Smooth Suffolk's sought-after evening squad. 

Time: Tuesdays 2100-2200 + Mondays 0600-0700


Tuesday evenings £39 per month (£35 for Sat squad members) *currently (Autumn 2018) Tues squad has a waiting list - contact Seamus to join!

Monday mornings £30 per month for all Mon sessions (existing squad members £28); £20 for 2 sessions per month (existing squad members £19). Also block payments from ~£6 per session.

Location: Felixstowe Leisure Centre (see map) 

Morning smiles in Lane 4 after completing the Rocky Mountain technique & threshold set, September 2017 (adapted from Swim Smooth coach in Calgary, Canada, Mary Jessey.)

Morning smiles in Lane 4 after completing the Rocky Mountain technique & threshold set, September 2017 (adapted from Swim Smooth coach in Calgary, Canada, Mary Jessey.)