Make a positive and lasting change to your performance and enjoyment of freestyle swimming by investing in Swim Smooth’s acclaimed 1-2-1 Video Analysis & Stroke Correction session with East Anglia's only Swim Smooth certified coach. Seamus has delivered well over 200 video analyses, with his clients, from novice to elite (including 2018 UK Ironman champion Joe Skipper) experiencing rapid and significant gains in their swimming speed, confidence and efficiency.

A Swim Smooth video analysis consultation is perfect if you have questions about why your swimming may have plateaued, or whether what you're doing in your training is the most effective way for you to improve.
The session is suitable for any level of freestyle swimmer, from novice to advanced. It’s so important to get yourself on the right track, even if you're just getting into freestyle swimming.


The session will also identify your swim type and guide you through a comprehensive 100-120 minute consultation (with 75 mins exclusive lane hire) which includes:

  • Complete HD video capture of your freestyle, shot from two angles under water and two above;

  • Expert detailed analysis right there on poolside, including illuminating comparisons with elite swimmers and demos of the Swim Smooth drills most appropriate to you;

  • A minimum of 30 minutes of bespoke, expert stroke correction in our dedicated side lane, focussing on the aspects of technique and drills most relevant to you;

  • A personalised USB drive capturing the whole analysis for you to take home and a bespoke checklist compiled by Seamus to guide your personal follow-up.

  • 30 days 'Pro' level subscription to the superb Swim Smooth 'Guru' online coaching system;

  • Sessions are held at the 25m deck-level main pool of Felixstowe Leisure Centre, term-time Mondays (various start times possible 1000-1200) and Thursdays at 11am. Other times are usually possible by arrangement.

Swim Smooth's 1-to-1 video analysis is a genuine game-changer: thousands of swimmers of all levels worldwide have dramatically improved their freestyle after just one session and the next could be you... 

Format and pricing 

Full video analysis and stroke correction             £110 (includes pool entry, 75 min lane hire, USB + swimsmooth.guru subscription)

Video analysis follow-up session                        £95 (includes pool entry, 75 min lane hire + a further month's 'guru' access)

1-to-1 or group session in your pool                  £40-£50 / hour (depending on number of swimmers)

1-to-1 sea swimming session                            £30 / hour